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Innovative air-cushion roofs made of ETFE foil

An innovative product from Buitink Technology is the air cushion roof made of ETFE foil. These roofs are produced in two, three or four separate layers of foil; the spaces inbetween are inflated with air. This provides both insulation (k values from 2.94 to 1.47) and strength.

The roof can be produced entirely transparent (admitting virtually all UV light), printed or provided with white sections. Selection of type of construction is based on environmental conditions and required climate control of the space underneath the roof.

The lightweight foil often results in cost savings for the supporting structure, and spans and shapes can be accomplished not being possible with glass. In addition, the action of snow load can be reduced by temperature control of the air inside the roof construction, such as to melt snow.

Print on ETFE roofs

Using various printing techniques control of light falling through the roof is realized. On top of that the individual layers of foil can be printed differently  (i.e. contrasting), enabling the trougput of light be regulated by altering the distance between the layers of foil (varying the pressure in the different air chambers).


ETFE air cushion with print


ETFE air cushion roof with white print


Entire ETFE project

We can take care of the entire ETFE project for you, including:

  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Production and assembly of cushions, including all necessary structural sections and air-compression system
  • Printing of foil / air cushions for the purpose of regulating light entry
  • Maintenance and repair (if necessary)

Applications for Air cushion ETFE foil

There is a very wide range of applications for the foil, including:




Characteristics ETFE foil

The characteristics of ETFE foil:

  • Highly durable (life span >20 years); it is virtually unaffected by aging
  • Extremely resistant to dirt
  • Lightweight, resulting in savings in the supporting structure and frequently enabling spans to be accomplished not able with glass
  • Virtually total (architectural) freedom in terms of shape
  • Good insulation value, depending on the number of layers
  • The foil is permeable for UV light
  • The foil is transparent (96%)
  • To regulate light permeability, the foil can be supplied printed or white (e.g. on the south side of a roof)
  • Flame retardant

In addition to use in air-cushion roofs, ETFE foil is suitable for many other purposes. The material is highly elastic and chemically resistant. We have used it several times for windows in rooms subjected to ethanol vapour and condensation, where pressure surges do occur (as a result of the process taking place in the room). Regular glass windows could not absorb these pressure surges and collapse The problem was solved with ETFE foil windows (in combination with a special antistatic, gastight stretch ceiling). Finally, the foil provides excellent electrical insulation, making it suitable for many industrial uses.
















Single layer ETFE foil

Besides using ETFE foil for air cushions it is also applied in a single layer

More information

Buitink Technology owns years of experience in manufacturing and developing almost all kinds of Air-cushion roofs of EFTE foil. We offer creative solutions to meet your needs and the best possible costs.

We like to advise in an early stage about possible applications and technical feasibility. Call Buitink Technology: +31 316 25 08 30, email: or leave your contact information.

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