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Fioleaf ® for shading from sunlight

Sebastiaan Fiolet designed a moving patio roof for Buitink Technology: the Fioleaf®. The Fioleaf is a unique patio roof, fully adjustable and therefore can move with the sun or the rain! It operates electrically. The Fioleaf® tube frame work as well as accesories are made ​​of stainless steel, high gloss quality.

The design and the name of Fioleaf® are registered at the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property. You move the Fioleaf® easily and electrically following the position of the sun:

"The Fioleaf or Buitink Technology: an innovative, high quality, luxurous and adjustable terrace covering that can follow the sun and protects against the rain"'
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Materials and colors

The Fioleaf® can be covered with different membrane materials in various colors. You can select e.g. a (waterproof) fabric quality (UV resistant, dirt-resistant, which is designed for permanent outdoor use), a mesh (as sun shade) or a lightweight, flexible fabric that can easily assembled or disassembled. Prints can be made in every conceivable color, pattern or image.


The Fioleaf® can be assembled on screw anchors or a concrete base. Buitink Technology can do the installation.




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More information

Buitink Technology is a resourceful company with original ideas and ingenious products. We are a pioneering company in manufacturing products such as Fioleaf to meet your particular needs.

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