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Innovative textile facades for large complexes

Buitink Technology produced and installed a tensioned textile facade for the renewed theater complex ''Markant'' in Uden (The Netherlands).

The textile facade is made of two membranes, each about 70 m long and 6 m height,  tensed all around inside an aluminum structure.

These membranes have been provided with 165 vertical ribs, in a repetitive pattern.

Spangevel Markant Uden_01.jpg

Spangevel Markant Uden_02.jpg


Lighted textile facade

Behind the textile facade a LED lightning system has been installed.

Project data:

Surface:  Approx. 850 sqm
Material:  Type 392 of Serge Ferrari
Architect:  Architectuurstudio HH
Client:  Heven Group BV
Main contractor:  Van der Heijden Bouw en Ontwikkeling
Textile façade:  Buitink Technology
Year of implementation: 2013
Spangevel Markant Uden_03.jpg

Spangevel Markant Uden_04.jpg

Spangevel Markant Uden_05.jpg

Spangevel Markant Uden_06.jpg

Spangevel Markant Uden_07.jpg

Spangevel Markant Uden_08.jpg

Spangevel Markant Uden_10.jpg

Spangevel Markant Uden_11.jpg

Spangevel Markant Uden_12.jpg

Spangevel Markant Uden_13.jpg

Spangevel Markant Uden_14.jpg

Gespannen gevel Markant Uden_02.jpg

Gespannen gevel Markant Uden_04.jpg

Spangevel Markant Uden_20.jpg

Spangevel Markant Uden_21.jpg

Spangevel Markant Uden_22.jpg

Spangevel Markant Uden_24.jpg

Spangevel Markant Uden_23.jpg


Mounting textile façade

See video beneath for mouting textile façade.

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