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Project: Tensed Walls for Brabanthallen, NL

Buitink Technology prepaired, produced and installed tensioned walls of gauze fabric for the extension of the "Brabanthallen" in 's Hertogenbosch (Holland).

The project consists of 20 sheets of wall fabrics, tensioned at the circumference. Size of the sheets varies from 11,3 x 4,4 meter to 35,8 x 4,4 meter, constructed fully seamless.



LED lighting is placed behind the cloth sheets. Using different colors with this LED ilumination gives a luxery appearance.


Project data tensed walls:

Surface area: About 1.240 sqm
Material: Mesh fabric
Client: NV MEI
Main contractor:    
Bouwbedrijf Van Schijndel BV      
Tensed walls: Buitink Technology
Year of implementation: 2017