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Printed clamping walls for buildings such as swimming pools

Buitink Technology delivered and installed tensed walls for swimming pool "Helsdingen" in Vianen (the Netherlands). The walls were provided with prints.

This project was based on 4 tensioned walls, each being 3.5 m heigh x 17.5 m wide, having full color prints. Slangen+Koenis architects were responsible for the design. The accoustics in the swimming pool were significantly improved using gauze fabric and acoustic wool as materials of construction. 

The fabric was tensed in a framework using chlorine resistant elastic rope. The rope tensioning construction was invisible. Double layer coated aluminium tensioning profile was applied for the framework (type P135).



Afmetingen: Circa 235 m2
Materiaal: PVC gecoat polyesterweefsel
Opdrachtgever: Vaessen Algemeen Bouwbedrijf BV
Ontwerp: Slangen+Koenis architecten
Spanwandsysteem: Buitink Technology
Year of implementation: 2013