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Load-bearing tensioning membrane for loading ramps

On behalf of TAQA Onshore BV, Buitink Technology produced and installed tensioned membrane and steel cable systems for the loading dock of the gas storage in Bergermeer, The Netherlands.


The membrane is made of the TX30 of Serge Ferrari, having a warranty of 25 years!

Project data:

Surface: Approximately 700 sqm
Material: Serge Ferrari TX 30 (type III en V)
Client: TAQA Onshore BV
Design: Jinx Architecten and Tentech
Tensioned membrane: Buitink Technology
Steel structure: Oving
Year of implementation: 2015

Mounting membrane

Watch the movie and discover how the loading dock was installed:

Tensioned Membrane Bergermeer_08.jpg

Tensioned Membrane Bergermeer_09.jpg

Tensioned Membrane Bergermeer_03.jpg

Tensioned Membrane Bergermeer_04.jpg

Tensioned Membrane Bergermeer_06.jpg

Tensioned Membrane Bergermeer_07.jpg

Tensioned Membrane Bergermeer_10.jpg

Tensioned Membrane Bergermeer_11.jpg

Tensioned Membrane Bergermeer_13.jpg

Tensioned Membrane Bergermeer_14.jpg

Tensioned Membrane Bergermeer_15.jpg

Tensioned Membrane Bergermeer_16.jpg

Tensioned Membrane Bergermeer_18.jpg

Tensioned Membrane Bergermeer_19.jpg


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