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Tensed roofs CelebrityFlora cruise ship

Buitink Technology produced, delivered and installed on behalf of Ship Yard "De Hoop" in Lobith (Holland) tensioned roofs for Cruise Ship CelebrityFlora.

A total of 17 custom made canvas roof parts were designed, produced and installed. Two different types of material were used. Ceilings of deck number 3 and 4 were made of Flexlight Classic  a tight woven cloth. For the roof on deck 7 a transparent cloth was used due to the top-deck lighting.


Tensioned canvas on ship

Canvas for the roofs on the various decks of the ship are light weight, easy to mount and easy to dismantle (in case of maintenance of lighting or other equipment on top of the roof).

As these tensed roofs are installed outside they suffer severe loads of wind (suction). These roofs are specially designed to resist these wind forces

Cruise ship CelebrityFlora


Meer infomation about this ship and its location is found here.


Project data CelebrityFlora

Surface area: About 470 m2, 17 tensed sheets
Material: Soltis Horizon 86 and Flexlight Classic 782 of Serge Ferrari    
Client: Celebrity Cruises, United States
Ship: Ship Yard "De Hoop", Lobith
Tensed roofs: Buitink Technology
Year of construction:         

Engineering tensed roofs

To construct tensed roofs for exterior spaces on a cruise ship many aspects have to be taken into account. As said before ceiling cloth and other materials of construction have to resist wind forces occurring at sea. Various scenario's taking all kinds of wind forces into account have been computed. Also the materials of construction must be sea-water resistant.

Tensed canvas for the roof on deck number 7 of the cruise ship


Installing tensed roof on the ship


Location of the cruise ship