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Stretch ceiling for Rozengaarde pool

On behalf of Tendu BV Lobith, Buitink Technology manufactured and supplied tensed ceilings including the framework for re-styling of Rozengaarde's swimming pool in Doetinchem.

The project in 2013 consisted of a total of  11 ceiling sheets, tensioned all around its circumference. The total area was approximately 650 sqm.

In 2019 we provided the rest of the pool of stretch ceilings. This expansion involved 400 sqm.


Project data:

Surface: Approximately 1000 sqm
Material: Batyline AW van Serge Ferrari
Architect: Duoplan Doetinchem Architecten
Client: Doetinchem Municipal/ Rozengaarde's swimming pool
Client Buitink: Tendu BV
Tensed ceiling system: Buitink Technology
Year of implementation: 2013 + 2019