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Stretch Ceilings Swimming Pool Doelum

Buitink Technology delivered and installed acoustical stretch ceilings for a new swimmingpool called "Doelum", in the city of Renkum (Holland).

The project comprises of 32 tensed ceiling cloth with a total surface area of about 900 m2.

The stretched ceiling cloth, combined with acoustical insulating wool on top, absorbs effectively swimmingpool noise.


Swimmingpool environment resistant

The stretched ceiling cloth as well as all construction materials applied resist the typical swimmingpool environment (high temperature, humidity and chlorine content) .


Project data tensed ceiling swimmingpool:

Surface area: Appr. 900 m2
Material: Batyline AW van Serge Ferrari
Client Community of Renkum
Main contracter: Mertens Bouwbedrijf BV
Stretch ceilings:
Buitink Technology
Year of implementation: 2017



Drawing: Top view tensed ceilings in both swimmingpools