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Stretch Ceilings for the Pool in Overbosch

Buitink Technology delivered and installed stretch ceilings for renovation of swimming pool "Overbosch" in The Hague (Holland).The project comprises of 9 tensioned ceiling cloths, each having a size of 5x22 meters. Total surface area of the stretch ceiling is about 1040 m2.

Improved acoustics

The ceiling cloths are perforated and practically transparent in terms of acoustics. Therefore the noise in the swimming pool building passes the ceiling cloths and is fully absorbed by the acoustic insulating wool above the cloths. 


Climate resistant stretch ceilings

The stretch ceiling cloth as well as construction parts and profiles are resistant to the typical swimming pool atmosphere (high temperature, high humidity and  chlorine).


Previous interior

Below pictures show the previous interior of the swimming pool before the renovation and placing the ceiling cloths.


Project data stretch ceilings

Surface area: About 1040 sqm
Material: Batyline ISO of Serge Ferrari      
Client: Council of the Hague
Main contractor: Robas Bouw BV
Stretch ceilings:   Buitink Technology
Year of implementation: 2017





Location swimming pool "Overbosch"

Vlaskamp 3, 2592 AA Den Haag