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Stretch ceilings for Silver Origin expedition ship

De Hoop in Lobith commissioned Buitink Technology to supply and fit the stretch ceilings for the Silver Origin cruise ship

Buitink Technology measured up and produced a total of 51 ceiling cloths and fitted them on the ship.

Ceiling cloths

The ceiling cloths are very lightweight and easy to remove and refit to allow maintenance on the lighting or equipment above them.

Since the stretch ceilings are outdoors, they are subject to wind loads (suction). The ceilings are designed to cope with this.


Silver Origin cruise ship

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Project data:

Surface: Approx. 560 m2, 51 ceiling cloths
Fabric: Soltis Horizon 86 | Specs >
Client: Celebrity Cruises, United States
Vessel: De Hoop Shipyard, Lobith
Stretch ceilings: Buitink Technology
Year of installation: 2020

Engineering of stretch ceilings

To produce stretch ceilings for the outdoor areas of a cruise ship, a huge number of factors need to be taken into consideration. As mentioned earlier, ceiling cloths and fasteners need to cope with wind loads that occur on a vessel at sea. We carry out comprehensive design calculations to ensure the product can cope with the potential forces and scenarios at sea. In addition, all materials must of course be able to resist salty seawater.

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Outline and detailing of stretch ceilings

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Vessel’s location

Ligging Silver origin