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Stretch ceilings at De Fakkel swimming pool

Buitink Technology has delivered and assembled the stretch ceilings for the renovation and refurbishment of De Fakkel swimming pool in Ridderkerk.

The project involves 10 tensioned acoustic awnings with a size of approximately 5.1 x 17.50 metres.

Not only does the swimming pool look new and fresh again, but the acoustics in the space have also improved, thanks to the new stretch ceilings.


Improved acoustics

A swimming pool is an environment with a multitude of loud noises - screams, whistles and music. This means that swimming pool staff and lifeguards have to endure excessive noise due to the poor acoustics in a swimming pool (in particular the reverberation time and the lack of damping). For lifeguards and pool staff, this can lead to voice and concentration problems, as well as chronic fatigue and serious hearing problems.

This often leads to increased incidence of sick leave and sometimes even to permanent inability to work. With a stretch ceiling system made of Alphalia Silent AW from Buitink Technology, the acoustics are improved and the reverberation time is reduced. This makes for better working conditions and reduces sick leave! It also creates a much more pleasant environment for visitors.

Information on Alphalia Silent AW by Serge Ferrari and its acoustic properties (including sound absorption) can be found in the PDF below:



Pool climate

The materials - the awning, the tensioning profiles, the fittings and the fixing materials - used by Buitink Technology in stretch ceiling systems for swimming pools are completely attuned to the climate in a swimming pool environment:

  • Moisture;
  • Condensation;
  • Chlorine fumes and chlorinated water;
  • High ambient temperatures (40-50 degrees Celsius);
  • High humidity.

Project data:

Surface: Circa. 900 m2
Material: Alphalia Silent AW van Serge Ferrari | Specs >
Client: Sportservice Ridderkerk BV / Municipality of Ridderkerk
Stretch ceilings: Buitink Technology
Year of implementation: 2021

Measurement, draughtsmanship and engineering

Buitink Technology (digitally) measured up the location and, on the basis of the measurements, developed the ceiling systems, put them into production and assembled them.

Engineering tensioned ceiling

The awnings were cut entirely using CNC technology and marked out on our Zünd digital cutter: digital cutter

Vervolgens zijn de doeken hoogfrequent in elkaar gelast en zijn de kunststof ogen aangebracht met onze 20 kW HF lasmachine van Forsstrom: HF lasmachine 20kw