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Tensioned ceiling for The Edge Amsterdam

Buitink Technology/Tendu produced and installed translucent tensioned ceilings for The Edge (main office Deloitte/ AKD) in Amsterdam. The most sustainable office building in the world!

The tensioned ceilings are made of a translucent pvc film (frosted) and provided with a micro perforation for acoustic absorption.

The ceiling panels are provided with a string around it, which is mounted in an anodized aluminium framework. The cloth can be removed in case of maintenance of the lighting.

Tensioned Ceiling The Edge_01.jpg

Tensioned Ceiling The Edge_02.jpg

Tensioned Ceiling The Edge_03.jpg

Tensioned Ceiling The Edge_04.jpg

Tensioned Ceiling The Edge_05.jpg

Tensioned Ceiling The Edge_06.jpg


Project data:

Surface: Approximately 350 sqm
Material: Translucent microperforated pvc foil
Architect: PLP / Architecture - OeverZaaijer
Client: G&S Bouw
Client Buitink: Verwol
Production tensioned ceiling: Buitink Technology/Tendu
Year of implementation: 2014
Tensioned Ceiling The Edge_07.jpg

Tensioned Ceiling The Edge_08.jpg

Tensioned Ceiling The Edge_09.jpg

Tensioned Ceiling The Edge_10.jpg

Tensioned Ceiling The Edge_11.jpg

Tensioned Ceiling The Edge_12.jpg


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