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In honour of the 50th aniversary of the Technical University of Eindhoven, Arno Pronk designed an inflatable donut to be placed around a chimney at the university terrain. 

The donut hangs at 30 m height and is made of a polyester fabric coated with pvc. The shape of the donut is obtained and stabilized through air pressure delivered by an air compressor. The donut is attached to the chimney with cables. On the outside, the donut is provided with a print.


Students of the university involved

The donut is produced completely in our workshop by the students. Buitink Technology  supervised the project and assisted in the preparation of the work. Finaly Buitink technology provided the space, the material and the machines necessary for the production of the donut.

Project data:

Client: TU Eindhoven
Design/Concept: Arno Pronk en Gerald Lindgers (both from the TUE)
Engineering: Tentech BV, Delft
Supervision of the realization: Buitink Technology, Duiven
Realization by students from the TUE: Robin Boenning, Pieter Derks, Joost Huijgen, Ruben Smittenaar, Ties Wielinga
Year of implementation: 2006