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Tensioned walls and roof for Diamond Suite

On behalf of Liffin Events, Buitink Technology designed, produced and installed on location a combined tensioned front facade, tensioned roof and tensioned rear wall for their so called "Diamond Suite".


The tensioned roof and/or tensioned wall can be equiped with "branding", however any custom made detail can be produced like size, color, material etcetera.

The Diamond Suite is a temporary, luxury accomodation for events, festivals, campsites, bungalow parks and any other location requiring temporary housing.




Roof and walls of canvas

Due to using canvas for the roof and walls the Diamond Suite is extremely lightweight, modular and can be erected very fast. It can be used as temporary resort, office, luxury tent etcetera.


Project data

Material: Flexlight Lodge 6002 van Serge Ferrari   
Liffin Events
Client: Liffin Events
Roof and walls:      
Buitink Technology
Year of erection: 2019


Tomorrowland, Boom, België



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