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Tensioned roofing membranes for monad structure tents

Buitink Technology produced 8 connectable membranes for the movable ''Monade'' membrane structure, used during "Mysteryland 2013" in Hoofddorp, The Netherlands.

The Monade tent consists of 17 different colors and has a surface of approximately 900 sqm. Due to a construction of 8 different parts, the Monade can be installed quickly and even can be installed around a building, tree or any other object that fits in the inner circle!


Project data

Surface: 900m2
Client: ID&T
De Kruijf Tenten, Schalkwijk, The Netherlands
Tensioned membranes: Buitink Technology, Duiven
Year of implementation: 2013

More information

Buitink Technology owns years of experience in manufacturing and developing almost all kinds of tensioned ETFE membranes. We offer creative solutions to meet your needs at the best possible costs. For more information about ETFE membranes give us a call: +31-316250830 or send an email: [email protected]. You can leave your coordinates here to contact you.