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Inflatable pavilion from designer hand

Together with her French partner Highpoint Structures, Buitink Technology built a movable, temporary pavilion for BNP Paribas in France. This pavilion is called ''WAVE''.


Inside the pavilion various expositions will be organized. The ''WAVE'' pavilion will be installed in several places around the world. The first location was in Parc de la Villette in Paris.


Dimensions and structure

The WAVE pavilion has a diameter of approximately 25 m and a height of 9 m. The structural element around the inflatable ''donut'' is based on the so called Tensairity principle. This means that a construction is realised by combining airpressure and rigid elements in an inflatable shape.

The outside of the donut is provided with a special silver pearl-effect top coating. The highly translucent middle membrane is tensioned and shaped trough an inflatable ball with a diameter of about 5 m.

Project data:

Client: BNP Paribas
Design/architect: Dubuisson Architectes (Sylvain Dubuisson) L'Art en Scènes
Project management: Aurette Leroy
Engineering: Tentech
Main contractor: Lixon
Tensairity pavillion: Buitink Technology/ Highpoint Structures
Year of implementation: 2014