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Impuls Amsterdam Station

Buitink Technology delivered and installed tensioned sheets for the object: Impuls Amsterdam Central Station. A 3D wall consisting of pulsating triangles.

Tensioned textile sheet for wall and ceiling

The project comprises 6 translucent tensioned wall and ceiling  cloth with lighting behind it. The tensioned cloth surface area is about 250 sqm.  A true eyecatcher in the  Cuypershall of the Amsterdam Central Station.


3D wall of triangles

Behind the 3D wall in the Amsterdam Central Station the community of Amsterdam realizes a covered and direct  passage between train and subway.To visialize this future passage, the construction site is surrounded by a pattern of triangles. The trangles are inspired by the ceiling of the existing undergound hall. Due to the triangles around the building site, it looks as if the subway ceiling raises up from the floor.


Pulsating object

Moreover the object is pulsating as a metaphor of the vitality of life beneath the floor. It creates a special impuls to the temporary situation in the Cuypershall.


Project data 3D wall Amsterdam CS

Size: About 250 sqm, 16 sections     
Material: Buitink "flexdoek", translucent
Client: NS Stations
Design: studionvb & Buro Beleving
Engineering: Tentech
Construction: Brok Decor
Lightning: Livingprojects
Tensioned cloth:    
Buitink Technology
Year of execution: 2019