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ETFE Inflatable Designer Light Bulbs

Buitink Technology has on behalf of X Kwadraat in Enschede installed an inflatable ETFE bulbs for the artwork "The bubble blower". The art work was designed on behalf of Prismare by Dorien Boekhout (idea and design) and Paul Klotz (technical art), two artists from Enschede. The art work is positioned directly in front of the facility center, Prismare, in Enschede.

The inflatable bulbs have various diameters ranging from 1 to 2 m and are made of ETFE foil, since it is a durable, self-cleaning and very strong material. The bulbs can resist a storm. They are kept presurized through an air compressor system.


LED lighting in ETFE bulbs

From the inside the bulbs are iluminated by LED lights. To enhance the effect, the bulbs have prints on the inside bulb surface that reflect light. Diffused light passes the bulbs. Additionally sound effects are integrated in the design.

Project data:

Main contractor: X Kwadraat
Client: De Woonplaats
Design: Dorien Boekhout en Paul Klotz
ETFE bulbs: Buitink technology, Duiven
Year of implementation: 2011

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