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Covering made of ETFE foil for courtyards

Together with her French partner Highpoint Structures, Buitink Technology engineered, produced and installed an ETFE membrane cover for a courtyard of a winery in Bordeaux (France).

A roof of single layer ETFE film was selected due to its self cleaning properties, durability, light weight, safety compared to a glass roof and transparancy. To be able toabsorb the forces of wind and snow, the ETFE membranes have been provided with pockets connected to stainless steel cable systems. Total surface of the project is around 410 sqm.

Project data:

Material: ETFE film, transparant with screenprinting
Client: A wine castle in Bordeaux
Design/ architect: LAH/ AT Architectes
Engineering: Tentech
ETFE membrane: Buitink Technology/ Highpoint Structures
Year of implementation: 2015