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Second skin ETFE Water Reservoir

Together with her French partner Highpoint Structures, Buitink Technology engineered, produced and installed so called second-skin ETFE membranes for a water reservoir in the south of France.

The facade is composed of 10 ETFE membranes, with rain drop print. Total surface of the facade is around 350 sqm.

Single Layer ETFE Water Reservoir_06.jpg

Single Layer ETFE Water Reservoir_08.jpg

Single Layer ETFE Water Reservoir_07.jpg


Project data:

Material: ETFE film, printed with rain drops
Design/ architect: Valérie Despagnet
ETFE membranes: Buitink Technology/ Highpoint Structures
Year of implementation: 2015
Single Layer ETFE Water Reservoir_01.jpg

Single Layer ETFE Water Reservoir_02.jpg

Single Layer ETFE Water Reservoir_03.jpg

Single Layer ETFE Water Reservoir_04.jpg

Single Layer ETFE Water Reservoir_05.jpg





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