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Custom Made Transparent Terrace Canopies

On behalf of Highpoint Structures in Bordeaux, Buitink Technology developed, produced and delivered ETFE membranes for 7 patio coverings in the area of Bordeaux, France. A total surface of about 450 sqm is covered.

The ETFE film is provided with a sun blocking print, which gives a g-value of 0.35. Despite of the high density of the print, the membranes are still transparent and the sky is still visible from the inside.

ETFE patios Bordeaux_10.jpg

ETFE patios Bordeaux_11.jpg

ETFE patios Bordeaux_12.jpg


The choice for ETFE film was easy due to it's self-cleaning properties and durability: it has an expected life cycle of >20 years. It is an extremely light weight material and can be fully recycled to be reused for the same high-end applications.

Project data:

Surface: 450 sqm
Client: Vinci, Bordeaux
Highpoint Structures, Bordeaux, France
ETFE membranes: Buitink Technology, Duiven
Year of implementation: 2014
ETFE patios Bordeaux_03.jpg

ETFE patios Bordeaux_04.jpg

ETFE patios Bordeaux_05.jpg

ETFE patios Bordeaux_06.jpg

ETFE patios Bordeaux_07.jpg

ETFE patios Bordeaux_08.jpg

ETFE patios Bordeaux_09.jpg

ETFE patios Bordeaux_01.jpg

ETFE patios Bordeaux_02.jpg


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