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Tennis court roof for PVDV

On behalf of Light Space Technology BV, Buitink supplied and installed two tensioned membranes for two permanent  tennis court roofs.

The roof was designed by Architect office Guido Bakker and is a tennis court dedicated version of the Light Space large-span membrane hall (designed by Guido Bakker as well). The design is made in close consultation with tennis club PVDV and the KNLTB. A covered outdoor tennis court is realized, offering protection against the weather and rain and snow on the court. Now it's possible to play all the year outdoor tennis.


Principles KNLTB

Therefore, the KNLTB gave PVDV permission to organize competition leagues under the roof. The open character of the  structure allows the tennis court to be seen as an outdoor tennis court. It covers the provisional principles set by KNLTB.

Not only the design is in accordance with the dimensions required for the roofing of the tennis courts. Also research is done on behavior of wind under the roof. Additionally possible light nuisance is examined. All tests gave positive results.


Aanizcht overkapping


Overkapping tijdens montage


Overkapping tijdens montage


Eindluifels overkapping


Overkapping tijdens montage


Overkapping tijdens montage


Project data:

Material: Ferrari 702, wit
Client: M. de Koning
Main contractor: Buitink Technology
Design: Architect Guido Bakker
Engineering: Tentech BV, Utrecht
Membranes: Buitink Technology
Steel construction: H. Hardeman B
Year of implementation: 2011

Inlet guide for the membranes


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