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Coverings for house Voorschoten

Buitink Technology performed the engineering, production and assembly of 2 coverings for a private house in Voorschoten (Holland).The largest canopy covers a terrace of the house, the smaller one the entrance. The membrane is tensed between the wall and a beam construction. Rolled profiles are placed between the wall and the beams to support the cloth.


Project data canopies:

Material: 702S van Serge Ferrari
Architect: USE Architects, Utrecht
Client: Familie Portheine, Voorschoten          
Main contractor: Robas Bouw BV
Tensed membranes:           
Buitink Technology
Year of implementation: 2016

Engineering canopies


3D model: large canopy covering a terras


3D model: smaller canopy covering the entrance ( wave shaped)


Force calculations

Reaction forces are calculated for the larger covering. The simulation model first calculates the default weight and tension of the cloth. Subsequently various forces are applied in the model:

  • snowfall
  • wind
  • combined forces



Figuur: snow load, modelled in zones


Figuur: Reaction forces due to combined load of weight, tension and snow