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Canopy structure Mikado in Waalwijk

Buitink Technology developed a canopy structures for WINI Office Design and CT COM.

This canopy structure are characterized by an innovative design of a cross shaped construction of the frame (resembling Mikado). The columns are  in front of the façade. They support the canopy and don't hamper the entrance to the company premises

Project data:

Architect: Architects Snoeren
Client: WINI Office Design /CT COM
Construction management: Snoeren Bouwmanagement BV
Canopy membrane: Buitink Technology, Duiven
Advice canopies: Tentech BV
Year of implementation: 2010

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Buitink Technology owns years of experience in manufacturing and developing almost all kinds of canopy structures. We offer creative solutions to meet your needs at the best possible costs.

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