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Canopy in amusement park

Buitink Technology did the engineering, fabrication and erection of tensed membranbes for an amusement park. It resulted in a very attractive canopy with striking colors, having a total surface area of 460 m².

Canopy with insulating air layer

The tensed membrane construction consists of 2 layers of tensed membranes with an insulating air layer inbetween.


Canopy with print

The lower membrane has a full color print. The upper membrane has a multi color print on top, manually accomodated by real artists.


Project data canopy in amusement park:

Surface area: About  2 x 230 = 460 m²
Material: 1202S of Serge Ferrari, Expolit 456of Serge Ferrari         
Client: Lightweight Works/ Event Canopies Hong Kong
Tensed membranes:        
Buitink Technology
Year of implementation: