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Butterfly-like pavilion as eyecatcher

The University and Research center of Wageningen wanted to present itself at the exhhibition Floriade 2002 in a "Butterfly" shaped pavilion. Buitink Technology was chosen to realize the construction.

Temporary membrane construction

The butterfly is designed as a membrane construction for temporary use. The construction consists of a body part and wing part, independent  from construction point of view.


Body of the butterfly

The body is composed of twelve bows with increasing radius. In this way the body becomes larger and higher towards the end. A tent fabric is tensioned around the bows. In the body space is an exhibition -, movie -, office - and a storage area.

Wings of the butterfly

The wings are composed of two pairs of circular shaped surfaces, symmetrical and connected such as to guarantee their own stability. The tent fabric is supported by steel columns and wires. The fabric has an open structure to allow sunlight and rain pass through. The space underneath is meant as leisure area where the visitors can sit and enjoy.

Year of implementation 2002.

More information

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