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Free form stretched roofings

Buitink Technology delivered and installed on behalf of Open Cover in Veenendaal tensioned roof membranes and three wall fabrics on the roof of a skating rink and hockey field.

The entire project is realized in order of R.H.V Leonidas from Rotterdam. The roof has an area of ​​approximately 2.300 sqm and is used as a skating rink in winter and as a place for indoor hockey.

See the video below for a clear view of the canopy and its assembly:

Membraan Leonidas_11.jpg

Membraan Leonidas_12.jpg


Construction of membrane roof

The roof is made of 10 tensed membranes, fitted to a steel structure. In the center, the roof is equipped with portable screens, in order to divide the area into two parts.

From outside, the construction is also equipped with removable screens, to be used for summer activities. Also a part of the membrane cover can be disassembled and removed in the summer.

Project data:

Surface: Approximately 2700 sqm membrane surface
Mehler Mehatop F
Architect :
Architektenbureau Guido Bakker/ Tentech BV
Main contractor: Open Cover, Veenendaal
Roofing membranes: Buitink Technology
Year of implementation: 2013
Membraan Leonidas_19.jpg

Membraan Leonidas_20.jpg

Membraan Leonidas_10.jpg

Membraan Leonidas_04.jpg

Membraan Leonidas_14.jpg

Membraan Leonidas_02.jpg

Membraan Leonidas_17.jpg

Membraan Leonidas_01.jpg

Membraan Leonidas_03.jpg

Membraan Leonidas_06.jpg


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