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Facade cloths Almere train station

Buitink Technology replaced the full color tensioned wall cloth of Almere Centrum train station (the Netherlands).

The existing cloth had an insufficient resistance against the local wind conditions. As a result the cloth was released from the framework, started to rattle and finally ripped apart.

Nearly 1,000 square meters of cloth refers to the station's upcoming renovation. Almere Centrum will soon become the greenest station in the Netherlands.


Cloth tension


Aluminum profiles

Besides replacing the wall cloth including a new tensioning system, Buitink Technology strengthened the existing support structure/glass framework with Aluminum profiles.




Project data wall cloth

36 wall cloth,total surface area of about 900 m2
Material: Frontside Print 371of Serge Ferrari
Client: ProRail
Advice: Movares
Wall cloth: Buitink Technology
Year of construction        : 2019


material of construction Serge Ferrari



Central Station, Almere (the netherlands)