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Air-cushion facade made of ETFE foil for buildings

Buitink Technology realised an inflatable ETFE air cushion ''window'' for the new SMAC building in Nîmes (France).

The window consists of one  ETFE aircushion with unsupported span and a size of approximately 20x4,5 m. The cushion is made of three layers of ETFE film.

The project is for a music and cultural building, realized on behalf of "Communauté d'Agglomération Nîmes Métropole".

Buitink Technology is an international company active in various types of innovative products including ETFE air cushion windows. If you need more information about ETFE air cushions, our experts can give you adequate information and advice.


Project data

Material: ETFE folie, transparant
Client: SMAC, Nîmes, France
Client Buitink: Renouard, Frankrijk
Design: Tétrarc Architectes, France
Air cushion system: Buitink Technology
Year of implementation: 2012

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