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Removable bubble cover for swimming pools

Buitink Technology realised a removable and insulated air cushion roof for the new swimming pool ''De Krommerijn'' in Utrecht (The Netherlands).

The roof consists of 11 air cushions with a total surface of approximately 1.600 sqm. The cushions are composed of two layers of coated fabric. The bottom layer of the air cushions is provided with a layer of vapourproof film, on top of which 10 cm of flexible insulation material is fixed. The air cushions are fixed on 12 beams with a span of 26 m. The beam structure is stabilised by tension rods.

In summer the air cushions are removed, creating an open-air swimming pool in stead. After summer  the cushions are re-installed again and the swimming pool is winter proof!


Project data:

Material: PVC gecoat polyesterdoek
Client: Gemeente Utrecht
Main contractor: Bouwbedrijf van de Hengel
Architect: Wehrung Architecten en Jeanne Dekkers Architectuur
Engineering: Tentech BV, Utrecht
Membranen: Buitink Technology
Steelworks: Buiting Staal- en Machinebouw
Year of implementation: 2012

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