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Ceiling lighting made of ETFE foils for airports

In the new terminal of Madrid airport, designed by Richard Rogers, a series of roof lightings provides the entire building with natural light. Those roof lightings, also called lenses, are a combination of single layer ETFE foil and a silicone coated fiber glass fabric for the ETFE roof.

Buitink Technology made 620 pieces of  lenses in collaboration with IASO in Lleida and Comercial Maritima L&Z s.l. in Vigo. The lenses are intended to diffuse the ambiant light in the interior of the new airport.

The lenses are made of a frame with on the outer side an ETFE foil and on the inner side a silicone coated fiber glass fabric that is meant to diffuse the ambiant light. The diameter of each lens is about 6 m. 

Year of implementation 2002.


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