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ETFE air cushion roof JinSo

Buitink Technology has manufactured an ETFE air cushion roof with a shading system for JinSo Pavilion at Arena Boulevard in Amsterdam.

The roof area is approximately 600m2 and consists of ten air cushions. These cushions are made of four layers (which means three air chambers). What makes this project exceptional is the implemented shading system in the ETFE air cushions. The middle foils of the cushions are equipped with a (opposing) printing. By pressing the middle layers against each other, or just by separating them, the degree of shading can be set. As it can be seen in the photos bellow, which are made by us, we have made a model for this project.


Project data:

Surface: +/- 600 sqm
Material: ETFE foil, transparent with heat-resistant print
Development: SoJin Holding,
Architect: Cepezed , Delft
ETFE roof: Buitink Technology, Duiven
Year of implementation: 2008

More information about ETFE air cushions

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