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Cushion roofs made of ETFE foil for office buildings

This project concerns the engineering, delivery and assembly of an ETFE air cushion roof on top of the atrium of an office building in Leiden.

The roof is composed of  4 ETFE air cushions, each consisting of 3 layers. Each air cushion has a size of about 3*7.5 m. The top layer of the cushion is printed with a pattern to set the sun and light transmission. One of the cushions is printed with the client's logo. The furnished SS pipe is insulated to avoid possible condensation.


Air Control Installation

The air installation including control (wind and snow sensors) is delivered by Buitink. During the construction phase the installation was provided with sms for alarm of electrical power failure. The electrical installation is developped and installed custom made to meet the stringent electro technical directives of the client.

A maintainance contract for the installation was granted to Buitink Technology.

Project data :

Constructor: BAM Engineering
Main builder: BAM Utiliteitsbouw BV, Regio Noordwest
ETFE Air cushion roof: Buitink Technology, Duiven
Year of implementation: 2005

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