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ETFE air cushion dome for 'Het Baronneke'

Buitink Technology delivered and installed an ETFE air cushion dome for "Het Baronneke" in Antwerp. The air cushion dome has a huge free span of as much as 11 meters. It consists of 2 layers of foil (i.e. one air chamber). ETFE foil is, due to its transparency and durability, a perfect choice as a material of construction.

  • 100% of production waste foil is recycled
  • high durability of the foil (>30 years)
  • 100% end of life recycle
  • extreme low quantity of ETFE material required (weight of the dome is less than 3 kg/m2)
  • self-cleaning properties
  • transparent for the whole range of the light spectrum (including UV light)




Project data:

Diameter 11 meter
Material: ETFE foil, 2-layers (1 air chamber)       
Client: AG Stedelijk Onderwijs Antwerpen
Architect: AgwA cvba
Main contractor: WeGroSan
ETFE air cushion dome:      
Buitink Technology
Year of construction: 2020


Baron Leroystraat 31, 2100 Antwerp