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ETFE air-cushion awnings in Apenheul

Buitink Technology installed an air cushion awning for the Apenheul in Apeldoorn, able to be locally dismantled. It is located at the entrance. This awning provides an extention of the shopping area, protection against weather influences and embellishment of the entrance of the park.

The awnings, designed by the architect Guido Bakker from AGB, consist of two layers of teflon foil. Inbetween the layers air is blown. That creates a specific shape and strenght.

Print ETFE foil

The awning is realized in a transparent foil with a special print. Yellow dots near the entrance are concentrated while walking away from the buiding they are less concentrated. This technique of printing reveals both heat and sun light control underneath the awning.


Air installation ETFE cushions

The air installation provided at Apenheul consists of two 220V blowers connected to a pressure sensor. If one blower fails the other one takes over automatically. Another option to maintain the pressure is to install an emergency power generator or a no-break installation.


Buitink engineered the project as well. Important aspects of the project are the steel construction, shape of the cushions, strength/thickness requirements of the foil and cutting the specific shape.

Year of implementation 2002.


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