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Air cushion roof for public square Bisonspoor

Buitink Technology realized an air inflated ETFE cushion roof in the centre part of a public square in shopping centre Bisonspoor in Maarssen (the Netherlands).

The air cushion roof consists of 18 ETFE cushions covering a total surface area of 315 m2.



Heat reflecting ETF roof

The roof consists of 3 layers of ETFE foil (2 air chambers. The outside layer is coated with a heat reflecting so called "infra red block". The infra red block foil still is very transparent for light, but blocks effectively heat from sun-radiation. 

In below graph a comparison of the transmission is shown between a standard ETFE foil (''T Standard natural'') and an IR block foil (''T IR-cut'').



3 layer ETFE clear 1 layer IR-cut / 2 layer ETFE clear
Direct energy transmission 0,74 0,36
Radiation reflectance 0,22 0,11
Light transmission grade 0,71 0,44
Light reflection grade 0,24 0,11
UV- transmission grade 0,45 0,19
Solar heat gain coeffincient 0,75 0,41

Air equipment and ss tubing is delivered and installed by Buitink technology as well.


Project data air cushion roof

Sizing: 315 m2, made of 18 ETFE cushions
ETFE foil, transparent with infrared block      
Client Wintertrust
Architect: Op ten Noort Blijdenstein
Main contractor: Bouwbedrijf Pennings BV
ETFE air cushion roof:              
Buitink Technology
Year of construction:


Bisonspoor 2017, 3605 LB Maarssen (the Netherlands)