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Balustrade cladding Jinso Pavillon

Buitink Technology delivered and installed balustrade cladding for the JinSo pavilion in Amsterdam.

The cladding is made of seamless cloth, tensed all around. It has a total length of 100m. The balustrade cladding is strong and safe and can be applied permanent or be dismantled and reinstalled elsewhere.


Gauze fabric balustrade cladding

Partially the cladding consists of a  double layer fabric (air in between). The gauze fabric gives a "Moiré" effect.

Project data

Surface: About 100 sqm
Material: Batyline ISO FR van Serge Ferrari
Client: Sojin Holding
Architect: Cepezed
Balustrade cladding: Buitink Technology
Year of implementation: 2008

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