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Easy installation of patio roofs

You can assemble our terrace or patio roofs yourself or we can do it.

The assembly of our All Weather patio roof

In general, the assembly of type ES All Weather will be carried out by our specialists, since it is a permanent structure and it must be mounted in a proper way. In exceptional situations where the ES AW should be mounted on a concrete or steel substructure, there is no need to make a foundation (it can be directly attached to the concrete or steel). In most cases, the roof will be placed on a terrace or a garden where a foundation needs to be constructed. We make these foundations wthout concrete by so-called screw anchors, which are screwed in the ground. You can see this process in the pictures and videos provided on this page.

The screw anchor systems have a number of great advantages over a foundation made ​​on the concrete:

  • We only need an opening of 25 x 25 cm on the ground or the tiled floor (there is no need to dig the ground or drill a hole in the concrete etc.).
  • The system is weather independent (no limitation regardless of frost or rain ).
  • The system is "clean": no sand/mud/concrete etcetera.
  • The anchors can be easily removed or unscrewed, in case the roof needs to be relocated.
Anker is in de grond gedraaid en gereed

Schematische weergave anker in de grond

De machine draait het anker in de grond

Schroeffunderingsmachine plaatsen

De machine draait het anker in de grond

Eenvoudig uitdraaiend anker


Ligger vastmaken aan paal

Paal bevestigd op anker

Anker in grond


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