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Vacancy senior engineer

Buitink Technology in Duiven is looking for a:

Experienced senior engineer

32-40 hours a week

Job description

We are looking for an experienced engineer, who is already familiar with our field or who would like to learn the trade of engineering lightweight solutions of sailcloth, foils and technical textiles.

The position of lead engineer in our company is broad and also includes aspects of development, feasibility and sales engineer.

As a senior engineer, you are responsible for the technical assessment and feasibility analysis of customer requests and new products, projects and product ideas.

You are also responsible for developing this into a feasible concept .

During the execution/production you will remain closely involved in the process.

You play an important role in the innovative heart of our company.

Together with your colleagues Rienk de Vries (managing director) and Jan van de Weerd (business development), you bring in new assignments and jobs.


Where will you be working?

Buitink Technology is a dynamic, innovative and growing company that deals with the development, production and assembly of innovative products made of tarpaulin, foils and technical textiles in the event, construction and industry sectors.

Buitink Technology has her main office (office, development and production) in Duiven and an office in Brasov in Romania (production).

Our company employs about 30 people on a permanent basis. About 70% of the products we make are exported (indirectly) all over the world.

Almost every day, we receive questions from (potential) customers all over the world. We assess these on feasibility, manufacturability and also whether these issues fit with our company and our competences. Do we have something to add that will benefit the customer?

If that is the case, we translate the customer's problem into a solution of sailcloth, foil or technical textile.

We solve it with a flexible solution.

An extra focus of Buitink Technology is put on innovation in sustainable sectors and the development of products that make a positive contribution to reducing CO2 emissions.

For Flying Whales in France, for example, we are working on the development of helium-tight gas cells for the zeppelin they are developing and will build. This is a very innovative concept that will lead to a considerable reduction in CO2 emissions.



We are also developing a system consisting of inflatable heat-resistant valves that can close off industrial chimneys and prevent heat loss (during a production stop, for example). This solution also provides an enormous reduction in CO2 emissions.


Inflatable CO2-emission reducer

We are also currently working on the development of a lightweight inflatable work through module for carrying out repairs and maintenance on offshore rotor blades. The product is now in the final design phase and a first prototype should be ready by the end of this year.


Do you enjoy working on these and other (innovative) solutions and projects, in which your innovation/design is ultimately realised in our own production department? And to assess this on feasibility and manufacturability? After which your innovation/design will be realised in our own production department? And to be involved in all these steps?

Do you have a passion for technology, sustainability and innovation? Do you have excellent technical insight and are you good at conceptual sketching and 3D drawing? Do you work in a precise, accurate and structured manner? Are you able to work independently as well as in a team?

Then read on and get in touch!


In our company, customer orientation, quality orientation, service orientation, independence, proactive action and initiative are core competencies. Our way of working together is to put our shoulders to the wheel and do what we have agreed to do, with the customer at the centre.

Independently or with your colleagues, you regularly participate in team meetings with customers to discuss technical issues.

You will also regularly (e.g. a few times a week/twice a week) visit customers, suppliers or projects outside the office, usually together with your colleague from business development but also with other colleagues or external cooperation partners of Buitink Technology.

Buitink Technology has many international clients. A few times a year, you visit a foreign client or project, mostly within Europe.

You can regularly be found on the production floor.

Your tasks and duties sometimes change quickly. You work in a dynamic environment. There are sometimes long-term projects (lasting several months), but sometimes the lead time of an application is no more than a few days or a week. The various projects and applications often run parallel and you keep several balls in the air.

Many of your technical designs are not visible or noticeable. However, you also work on striking and iconic projects that many people will know or notice.

Think of the bulb roof in Utrecht (Stationsplein), or the cladding of the Westraven building in Utrecht next to the A12 motorway. Or salvages with our blue lifting cushions, which can regularly be seen on TV or shared on the Internet.

You will be actively involved and collaborate in the creation of test set-ups, mockups or prototypes.

Buitink Technology has a very flat organisational structure and decisions can be taken very quickly.


What does your job look like?

You will be working in a diverse team of about 5 colleagues (business office), who together with you develop and prepare all products and projects for production and assembly.

Your primary tasks will include:

- Extracting customer requests

The majority of the assignments we carry out are custom-made. Prior to this, we usually receive a problem from a (potential) client (from all over the world) for which a solution is requested. This can be a simple question or a complex question/problem (for example, the development of helium-tight gas cells for a zeppelin).

The customer's request must be tested for feasibility, then translated into a solution and elaborated. With the right technical knowledge, a dose of common sense, creativity and input from your colleagues, you will independently come up with a good, detailed solution.

In addition to the technical detailing, you also take stock of the costs

You will often need to request prices and delivery times for purchasing parts and materials from various suppliers. You ensure a clear and transparent overview of the costs and prices of the various parts.

- Innovation

You initiate and supervise innovation projects within the company.

We are involved in development and innovation on an almost daily basis. You are responsible for the development and supervision of these projects, and you also provide the necessary support in production and assembly (i.e. in the execution).

The innovations can be small or large, simple or complex, related to a new product or sometimes even to the production process.

Consider, for example, the following:

  • Conceiving and developing an assembly method or assembly tensioning system;
  • Developing new (aluminium) extrusion profiles, using our 3D printer;
  • Developing new products in general.

- Project management

You are responsible for and lead your design projects and innovation projects for domestic and foreign customers. You ensure that the planning is monitored and you adjust when necessary. You carry out the drawing work and the work preparation together with your colleagues.

- Testing of materials and details

During innovation processes and also on behalf of customers, material research must be carried out regularly.

You are able to independently think up, set up and carry out (or have carried out) relevant tests. Where necessary, you follow the relevant norms or standards.


Your profile

You have a university working and thinking level.

You have completed a technical university or college education, for example in mechanical or civil engineering.

  • You have an excellently developed technical insight;
  • You have guts and work independently, daring to make decisions;
  • You are good at conceptual sketching and 3D drawing;
  • You take ownership of your tasks and take responsibility for your role;
  • You function well in a team;
  • You have good communication skills;
  • You are eager to learn: you are probably unfamiliar with our field, but you are eager to learn the trade and make it your own!
  • You like structure and overview and you work in a structured way.

What do we offer?

  • A fun, varied job in a dynamic and innovative company with good primary and secondary terms of employment;
  • Travel allowance or a company car for commuting;
  • An employment contract of 32-40 hours per week.

Are you interested or do you want to know more? Then please contact us.

Sietze will be happy to help you.

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Sietze Pouwels

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