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Buitink Technology designs, develops and manufactures products and applications for cruise ships, expedition ships and superyachts.

Maramoja Projects commissioned Buitink Technology to make the protective cover for the LED floor of the swimming pool on the superyacht VAVA II. The protective mat is constructed of elastic, foamed PVC sheet that is backed by a mesh fabric to allow ventilation.

The mat prevents the floor from getting dirty when the pool is not in use. It also serves to prevent damage to the floor when people walk on it during maintenance work.

Technical details

Technical information about the foam layer:

Protect Foam dB 4800, 4802, 4802L

Technical information about the mesh fabric backing:

Batyline Iso


More information about the VAVA II:


Design and production

Bescherming zwembad LED-vloer

Why Buitink Technology

Why is Buitink Technology the right partner for you when it comes to producing applications for superyachts, cruise ships and other vessels?

  • We are accustomed to developing and producing products destined for demanding situations, such as sea air, saltwater and stormy weather.
  • We know the high-quality standards required of products for yacht construction and for maritime applications.
  • We think in terms of solutions; we approach your enquiry from a variety of angles in order to solve it with a flexible solution!
  • By definition, our products are light in weight and are very compact for transport and storage. This makes them ideal for use on ships, where weight and space are extremely important!

More information

Buitink Technology is a resourceful company with original ideas and ingenious products. Call Buitink Technology: +31 316 25 08 30, email: [email protected] or leave your contact information:

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