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Screens of ETFE foil

We use high-quality and very durable ETFE foil for our safety screens. With our panels of ETFE foil, work / learning and sports places can be arranged very fast and easy right next to each other.

Properties of ETFE foil

ETFE foil has some remarkable properties and advantages over alternative transparent materials:

  • Compared to glass ETFE foil is extremely light weighted (<1% of the weight of glass);
  • ETFE foil is completely odorless (unlike certain other plastics such as PVC foil);
  • ETFE foil is a practically chemical inert material which can be disinfected and cleaned with all usual non-diluted  cleaning and disinfecting agents (alcohol, methanol, etc. etc.).  While so called window foil or transparent PVC foil is not chemically inert at all;
  • Cough panels of ETFE foil is thin (100-300 micron) and sound is passed through. Without raising its voice one can talk through the ETFE foil wall;
  • ETFE foil doesn't contain softening agents or other evaporating chemicals. Window foil and PVC foil does contain softening agents which vaporize.
  • ETFE foil is flexible enabling compact transport.;
  • ETFE foil is flame retardant and self-extinguishing. It complies to class B-s1, d0 of EN 13501-1;
  • With ETFE foil we can also make round, curved screens and realize free forms.

In addition, ETFE foil is even suited for contact with food or can be applied in food preparation facilities.

Tested and approved

ETFE foil of Buitink Technology is tested successfully to comply with following standards:

  • § 64 LFGB L 00.90-6
  • DIN EN 1186
  • Microwave digestion HNO3/ H2O2/ DIN EN ISO 11885 (E22) 2009-09
  • ZEK 01.4-08 (2011-11) complies with AfPS GS 2014:01 (2014-08)

Buitink Technology's ETFE foil therefore complies with following rules: "regelgeving (EC) 1935/ 2004"," regelgeving (EU) 10/2011" and the german "LFGB".

Very durable material

ETFE foil is a very thin and durable material. Not only the expected lifetime of ETFE foil is over 30 years, even when it is applied outside, exposed to UV light. It also can be fully recycled into granulate after its lifetime. This granulate is then re-converted into the same high quality ETFE foil again.

Very fireproof

ETFE foil falls into class B-s1, d0 of the European fire standard EN-NEN 13501-1: Fire classification of construction products and construction parts.

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