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Fire safety screens

We only offer fire safe solutions regarding our ETFE safety/ prevention screens.

The screens of ETFE foil consist of aluminium profiles with ETFE foil in between, hanging on steel cable systems. The aluminium profiles and steel cables are non-combustible while the ETFE foil complies to the highest possible standards for fire safety:

ETFE foil complies to class B-s1,d0 of the European fire classification procedure EN-NEN 13501-1: Fire classification of construction products and construction parts.

Class B-s1,d0

B: This class means that ETFE foil is self-extinguishing (when the fire source is removed, this material will extinguish itself). On the contrary Acrylic and Perspex ("plexiglass") only comply to  fire class E (very bad!)

s1: This stands for the amount of smoke that is released when the material is burning. The factor 1 means a very low smoke class, i.e. very little smoke is released. Besides the specific weight of the material is only 175 g/m2. So a small amount of smoke is released anyway in case of fire.

d0: This class refers to burning droplets. ETFE foil has a d-number of "0", which means that in case of a fire no burning droplets are falling down.

Alternatives do not comply to any fire safety regulations

Almost all known alternatives (clear transparent) materials like PVC foil, Perspex, acrylic, polycarbonate, etcetera do not comply to rules and criteria for fire safety in buildings.

Besides the fact that usually these materials are dangerous in terms of fire safety, all mentioned alternatives are much heavier (multiple times the weight of ETFE foil). This means that the fire load of these materials by default are a multiple of that for ETFE foil (ETFE foil only weighs 175 g/m2)!.

In case you are still planning to use a lot of screens, made of PVC foil (window foil), Perspex ("plexiglass"), acrylic or polycarbonate, contact your fire insurance company and/or fire department / local authorities in order to be sure your fire insurance is still guaranteed!

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