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Safety screens for catering industry

Our fireproof and hygienic ETFE corona-, splash- and cough screens protect your customers against the corona virus. The covid screen is tensed inside a panel profile and can be placed near and/or around a (dining) table.

We deliver our ETFE cough and protection screens preassembled and ready for use. For delivery abroad we can supply the screens as building kit

Custom made cough screens

We supply cough screens in any size you request and can be made with openings or throughputs on demand.

Our cough screen scan be applied inside as well as outside (e.g. on a terrace). As such an ideal solution for restaurants, cafes and canteens.

Advantages of ETFE foil cough screens

Major advantages of Buitink Technology’s cough screens made of ETFE foil are:

  • A cough screen made out of ETFE foil is fireproof! It is self-extinguishing, does not generate any  smoke in a fire and gives no burning droplets;
    ETFE foil belongs to class B,s1-d0 of EN 13501 while e.g. Plexiglas does not belong to this class, see : fireproof cough screens
  • An ETFE cough screen for the catering/hospitality sector does not contain any volatile  poisonous chemicals like e.g. present in PVC foil;
  • A splash screen of ETFE foil is 100% safe in any area where food is involved. ETFE foil complies to the following food related standards:
    • - & 64 LFGB L 00.90-6
    • DIN EN 1186
    • Microwave digestion HNO3/ H2O2/ DIN EN ISO 11885 (E22) 2009-09
    • ZEK 01.4-08 (2011-11) complies with AfPS GS 2014:01 (2014-08)
  • A cough screen of ETFE foil is fully odourless;
  • ETFE foil applied in cough screens is chemically inert and has an extremely  smooth surface such that dirt, bacteria, viruses and micro-organisms cannot adhere to this surface;
  • A cough screen of ETFE foil is acoustically transparent: it does not reflect any sound and does not influence the acoustics in your restaurant (not any reverberation)!

Engineering corona screen

Buitink Technology has a special department for 3D design and development, enabling to deliver custom solutions. You can contact us for any specific situation or requirement.

Engineering kuchscherm

Example screen technical drawing

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