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BICS properties

BICS®: inflatable and removable screen | safe car shields

Buitink Technology developed a prevention screen for vehicles, fully composed of soft and flexible materials and it does not need to be bolted to your vehicle or other means of transport: the BICS®.

Patent pending

Patent is applied for the BICS® inflatable prevention shield/hygiene screen of Buitink Technology (patent pending).

Basis of our solution is an inflatable tubular frame with a thin foil in between. The tube simply is inflated with a bicycle pump or any other type of (mini) air compressor. The foil is extremely thin and acoustically transparent: you are clearly understandable across the foil without raising your voice!

Besides you can even perform touch-free payments across this foil.

Inflatable system

The BICS® is inflated with air and then placed in your car. You take the frame work and simply insert it around the front seats. The inflated tube now already is fixed automatically in position.

To additionally safeguard the system, various straps and fixation eyes are provided. If needed the system can be extra secured.

BICS® instruction & user manual

BICS® instruction & manual

BICS® dimensions and measuring

BICS® measurement drawing

BICS® measuring protocol

BICS® screen features

  • The user can implement the system himself within a few minutes;
  • It is quickly removed from the car within 20 seconds;
  • BICS® is self-fixing in your car;
  • No need for drilling or bolting in your car;
  • View in rear view mirror is maintained;
  • All used materials are from European manufacturing and the screens are produced in the Netherlands;
  • Not any hard/rigid parts, so super safe!
  • Simply inflated with any type of bicycle pump or (mini-)compressor.

Compact shipping and storage

Because the BICS® is inflatable, made of flexible materials and does not contain any hard parts, it can be sent in small boxes at low cost all over the world!

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