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BICS or polycarbonate?

Polycarbonate vehicle screens: clumsy and unsafe

Now it is officially advised not to use, or even prohibited to use, plexiglass (acrylate) sheet as vehicle shields, due to the danger of shattering. We are however surprised that car shields of polycarbonate still are sold and installed.

Car shields of polycarbonate

Car shields of polycarbonate  have a large number of disadvantages and are in our opinion very unsafe.

Poly-carbonate car shields of some suppliers have to be mounted and dismounted using tools. The sheet is quite stiff as well, such that it can't simply be moved or shifted in the car.

Besides polycarbonate is impact resistant (with the advantage that it cannot shatter). This means that polycarbonate cannot be broken, also not in case of emergency. What to do when a car with a polycarbonate shield  hits water or is involved in an accident? It is impossible to remove the shield very quickly for aid workers to get access or to make an emergency exit or escape route for the trapped occupants.

Shield of polycarbonate limits seating area

 A stiff car shield made of polycarbonate limits the sitting area and room to move for the rear passengers. Space available is lost due to the stiffness. However a BICS® shield is flexible and a passenger can occupy the space he needs as if there is no shield present (even a knee against the back of the front seat is still possible).

No sight limitation by using BICS®

At first instance it looks as if a BICS® gives more glare than a polycarbonate shield. In practice however this is not true. The visibility is not limited by a BICS® shield. The view through the rear mirror remains very well and unrestricted.

Polycarbonate gives a lot more mirroring that a foil shield.

Besides the edges of the polycarbonate shield are very sharp, which can cause cuts and wounds; not only in case of an accident but also when getting in- or out of the car (e.g. when wearing sandals or slippers).

BICS® vehicle shield is fully safe

With a BICS® vehicle shield of Buitink Technology following hazards or prevented!

  • A BICS® is soft and flexible and doesn't have sharp edges;
  • A BICS® bends and doesn't shatter;
  • A BICS® fits better than a polycarbonate shield;
  • A BICS® even can follow the contours of the car, without damaging the interior.
  • You don't use the BICS® ? Store it in a box of about only 30x30x25 cm;
  • A BICS® can be removed by anyone within a few seconds and without any tools;
  •  A BICS® fits through an opening of 10x10 cm;
  • A BICS® also can be moved aside when installed. Therefore aid workers always have easy access to the occupants in the car;
  • A BICS® Basic is already available at a cost as of EUR 36,- excl. vat.

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