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BICS models and dimensions

For a large number of car brands and types of vans we now have standard BICS® taxi- and car shields available. Simple sent us your car details (brand, model, year) or your license plate number and we will find out whether a standard BICS® is available.

If not we take the measures of your car (or you provide us the measures) and we make an appropriate screen for your car!

Taxi screen

You can download here a dimensional drawing, to fill in the measures of your vehicle:

Taxi screen measurement drawing

Taxischerm op maat

BICS® measuring instruction/protocol

BICS® measuring protocol

BICS® screen driver / co-driver

You can download here the dimensional drawing of the BICS® screen between driver and co-driver, to fill in the required measures for the screen.

Taxi screen B measurement drawing

taxischerm op maat

BICS® screen (school) bus

View a production drawing of a BICS® variant to protect the driver and passengers of a (school) bus:

BICS® screen bus

kuchscherm bus

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