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BICS companion bike and rickshaw

Also for double rider (companion) bikes and rickshaws Buitink Technology produces splash screens or hygiene screens: our so called BICS® bike screens.

These BICS® bike screens are available in two versions: equipped with an inflatable rim or being produced as a single layer tensed foil. Both options are shown below.

Explanation of versions

A version with an inflatable rim is based on the original unique and popular BICS®. It is the safest solution for personal protection in a car against the corona virus. The version without an inflatable rim is based on the BICS® BASIC. The entry version of the BICS® consisting of strong, transparent, odorless foil, where the rim is equipped with a flexible tube.

Advantages and properties

A BICS® bike screen of Buitink Technology has a number of significant advantages and properties:

  • BICS® bike screens are acoustically transparent (without raising your voice you can talk to each other through the screen);
  • The bike screens are fully transparent;
  • No harmful components like softeners are used and no poisonous or nasty chemical odours are released;
  • BICS® partitioning screens in the bicycle are 100% safe, even when mouth to mouth contact would occur with the foil;
  • The screens are resistant against and very well to be cleansed and disinfected with all usual disinfectants and detergents;

Custom made corona bike screens

Buitink Technology has a 3D design and development department to make tailor made products. When you have a specific situation that needs a  safe, durable and elegant solution? please contact us.

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