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BICS coach

Buitink Technology has a special version of BICS® to protect driver and passengers of a (school) bus or - coach against mutual transfer of viruses: the BICS® (School) bus.

We can make a dedicated customized BICS® vehicle shield for any type/model of bus or van.

BICS® bus production drawing

View a production drawing of a BICS® (school)bus variant:

BICS® screen bus



Screen does not have to be bolted

A BICS® shield does not need to be bolted in the bus, but fixates itself automatically through our unique and patented inflatable border around the screen.

This inflatable border guarantees a proper seal between the border of the BICS® shield and the bus cabin.

Easy to install and very safe

Through combining an inflatable border with a foil and parts like Velcro (touch fasteners), elastic bands and magnets not only you get a very easy to install system for your bus or coach, but also a very safe system! Nothing has to be screwed and no (unsafe) support constructions are needed.

Instruction Video

Easy to clean

A BICS® vehicle screen can be cleaned with any normal cleaning agent or disinfection product.

We only use soft and flexible materials for the BICS® , such that they manually, very fast and without tools can be detached, removed and folded away.

Even get In and Out of the Bus having the BICS®  installed is still easy for the driver. The shield simply can be turned away. Through the inflated tubular construction the shield simply "folds" away when getting in and automatically re-positions itself when seated. 

Detailed photos

Packed small and only 3kg

A complete BICS® vehicle screen system for a (school) bus weighs only 3 kg!

So no weight gain or extra fuel costs after installing the BICS® Bus.

When not inflated and folded, a BICS® fits in a box with a size of only L x W x H = 42.5 x 30 x 26 cm / 16.7 x 11.8 x 10.2 inches!

Due to this small size and low weight, we can ship the BICS® Bus to you all over the world at low rates!

BICS® production drawing screen

View a production drawing of a BICS® variant to protect the driver and passengers in a (school) bus:

BICS® (school)bus

Coronascherm schoolbus

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