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A starter version of the BICS® for taxi and car is available now: the BICS® BASIC.

The BICS® Basic is a screen of strong, transparent, odorless foil, provided with a flexible tube all around it for stiffness and shape stability.

Mounting BICS® BASIC

A BICS® BASIC is delivered including all necessary parts needed for assembly and mounting.

The flexible tube is put through the holes along the edge of the screen. Both sides of the tube are sealed with a cap and the Velcro straps are placed at the required position. Then the screen is placed in your car, making use of the B-pillars of your car.

If needed you can cut a notch for the central console. And if the screen is too high, simply cut a piece from the bottom side.

Costs and shipment BICS® BASIC

A BICS® BASIC only weighs 0.75 kg (750 gram!). When folded its size is just 38 x 26,5 x 3,2 cm and fits in a letterbox.

A BICS® BASIC can be sent all over the world for an attractive price.

Straps around the B-pillar

A BICS® Basic partially is mounted by placing straps around the B-pillars of the car. Take care of the following:

  • It is possible that dirt accumulates near the position of the straps. Check frequently;
  • In case of heavy rain (and strong winds) the straps around the B-pillars can cause some leakage;
  • We advise to temporarily loosen the straps in a car wash to prevent leakage;

BICS® BASIC user manual

BICS® BASIC user manual

Instruction video BICS® BASIC

See the below instruction video about the BICS® BASIC.

Sizes of BICS® BASIC

De BICS® Basic can be ordered in four different types, three standard sizes and one fully custom made!

  • BICS® BASIC - Made To Measure

Sizes of BICS® BASIC types

Sizes of the three types are shown when clicking on one of the below links:


BICS® BASIC medium


For the BICS® BASIC Made to Measure please have a look in the pdf file below to provide us with the proper measures:

BICS® BASIC Made To Measure

BICS® BASIC measurement instruction

BICS® BASIC measurement instruction

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